The municipal solid waste sorting machine, referred to as SW sorting plant, is designed according to the principle of reduction treatment and turning waste into treasure. The machine makes use of various sorting means, and can separate the organic matter, plastics, metals, masonry and other substances out from the municipal solid waste to the maximum, to improve the reusing and recycling.

Working process of garbage separation machine

1. After entering the field, the garbage in the truck will be unloaded on the discharge platform, and then sent to the scale plate feeder by the hopper.

2. After uniformly distributed, the garbage is sent to the manual sorting platform by belt conveyor, where the workers will sort and select the large objects (quilts, cotton clothes, trunk, branches, long sticks, brick and stones, bottles, etc.) and hazardous waste. The bag breaker can break up the garbage wrapped in plastic bags for further sorting.

3. After sorted manually, the garbage will be sent into the screening machine by belt conveyor for screening treatment. Screening is a very important ring for garbage recycling. According to the technical requirement, we set the sieve plate diameter of the rotary screening machine as 50mm. The machine can divide the garbage into two parts: large than 50mm and smaller than 50mm. The garbage smaller than 50mm is mainly organic matter, and the iron objects in this part of organic matter can be selected out by the hanging magnetic separator, and then is directly sent into compost workshop for treatment.

4. The iron materials larger than 50mm (mainly iron beverage cans and iron cans) can be sorted out by magnetic separation. Then the other garbage larger than 50mm is sent into winnowing machine by belt for wind election treatment. The comprehensive winnowing machine can sort the garbage on the screen out and divide into three parts: the light plastic waste; heavy materials (bricks and tones, rubber shoes, tiles, glass, etc.); secondary heavy materials (hard plastic, textiles, rubber products, wet paper products, etc.).

5. The three kinds of waste will respectively go to different follow-up devices equipped with garbage sorting machine for further processing.

What can we finally get from the garbage sorting machine?

Dust, earth, sand, stone and broken glasses. These construction materials and broken glasses can be made into new bricks by the related brick production line.

Organic matter

The organic matter such as dregs, kitchen garbage, etc. can be added into animal feces and straw to get bio-gas by fermentation system. The bio-gas can be used converted to electricity by gas generator.
Cloth, branches and other combustible items. These items can be made into RDF for gasification generator.


These hard paper materials can be processed into new kraft paper.

Green waste

The green waste includes tree leaves, grass, fruit shells and other biomass materials. These waste materials can be used for making charcoal powder by our related charcoal making machine. The charcoal powder can be further processed into briquettes, which can be widely used in many areas, such as BBQ.


The PET bottles can be processed into flakes, and then reprocessed into fibers, which can be used for producing clothes, pillow inner, bolster.


The other kinds of plastic waste such as PE, PP, ABS, etc. can be processed into fuel oil and carbon black by pyrolysis plant. The fuel oil can be further converted into diesel or gasoline by distillation plant; the carbon black can be processed into fine carbon black such as N220, N330, N660, etc. by carbon black processing plant. Besides, these waste plastic materials also can be packed by automatic hydraulic packing machine and sold directly.

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