Who We Are

Who We Are

I Clean Haiti was founded on the simple idea that we can do better for Our country. The vision for founder Pierre Norame was very clear. We cannot wait for one person to clean the country; this effort will take us all.

Mr. Norame also found like minded people of the Haitian Diaspora who also got tired of seeing Haiti waste away. They too felt and decided we can do better because we know better.

We as a group of Haitians who were born and raised in Haiti, came to the United States of America also cannot stand by watching this beautiful island waste away, We team up together with Mr. Norame with this great solution to restore our beautiful Island and its people by providing jobs opportunities for every citizen in Haiti to earn cash per pound (lb)for any trash while helping clean the country.Health conditions of its people to continue to deteriorate and the quality of life to continue to be affected. We must start at the root of the problem. The 3 core issues I Clean Haiti will address are:

• To employ the unemployed.

• To create a system that will clean away the waste on a regular basis.

• To change the way the people see and think of their community by educating them on the importance of a clean community and to educate them that waste brings  disease.

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