Bernard Sillas

Bernard Sillas


Ever since Bernard was a young child, his passion was in communications and to run a radio show.  Bernard started on a radio show at age 14 and today is the  CEO for Mysi Production, which is a company that does research and documentaries. 

Bernard Sillias is also a CEO for an online radio which is also Mysi radio which he would love to open a FM station in the town of Miragoâne where he is from. Bernard Sillias is a Director for radio Magik9, he does programming and  handles Marketing for Télévision National D’Haiti also known as (TNH). 

Bernard Sillias was one of the lucky survivors during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, he was under the debris for over 12 hours. He had no hope that he would still be alive, but thanks to the Almighty God he made it out alive. Bernard loves his country so much and lives in a town called Miragoâne. 

No matter the circumstances, no matter what’s happening in Haiti, Bernard never thinks about leaving Haiti or his family. Bernard Sillias is hoping his experience as a well known journalist in Haiti will help the I Clean Haiti project to move in the right direction. He is very proud to be a part of changing his country.

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