In response to COVID-19, I Clean Haiti is prepared to help the people of Haiti with two of their highest needs.

Accessing safety resources such as masks, gloves, hand sanitation and other sanitary items is very limited in Haiti. It is even more difficult when it’s about half of the population is unemployed.

Even worst is to access one of the basic human needs, food insecurity. Haiti remains the poorest country the Western Hemisphere. Unfortunately all due to weather conditions, political instability and economic conditions.

You can help us bring relief to the people of Haiti by donating to supply one of the following necessities.

$30 Supports: 1 Safety Kit (includes: 2 masks, 1 box of gloves, 1 can of 100ml hand sanitizer and 3 bars of soap)

$150 Supports: Meal Plan per family (includes: 20 lbs bag of rice, 20 lbs of beans,1 gallon of cooking oil, 1 case of spaghetti,5 cans of Sardines.

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