Jimmy Pierre (EN)

Jimmy Pierre


Born of Haitian parents, President and CEO of the Complexe Salon Social, which always denounces the suffering of the community, its hopes, calls for fraternity and solidarity. His battle is synonymous with a tool that generates mental healing and is transformed into a substance of emancipation and collective consciousness.

This is Jimmy Pierre, Representative of Government Supply International, Agency Haiti (GSI).
Member of the Medsurg National Board.
He is a polemist, socio-political activist and preacher of the rights and integration of the youth.
Jimmy Pierre is trained in Civil Engineering at the Modern Technical Center of Haiti (CETEMO). A few years later, he took courses at Cinecours du Canada,
He is a graduate of the School of Law and Economics of Gonaives, also in research and documentation.

Jimmy Pierre has confirmed his conviction that through his various struggles for a better working condition in Haiti and an emancipatory school. He devoted his youth in a struggle for an egalitarian world, a society where the freedom of well-being of all is enshrined. He leads a fight against all forms of abusive exploitation whether natural, mining or man by man.

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