Milton Saint Germain (EN)

Milton Saint Germain


Milton St Germain, also known by his artist name “Flex”, is a Haitian American musician/activist (artivist) from Tampa, Florida. He has been on a 20 years mission bringing awareness and resources to his Haitian countrymen with a passion. With the help of his family & friends he created a string of businesses to help promote his vision for a healthier, wealthier, and safer Haiti.
As a singer/songwriter, he built his own studio to record the song then use his own videography business “Newwavecinema” to shoot the music video. With his now released Hit Single “Player” as an “Alamod Band”member, he is now becoming a household name in the Haitian music scene. He built, owns, and operates a rehearsal studio with Morizio Telusma a band member of former Haitian President Michel J Martelly out of Miami, Florida.
He is the cofounder of a social networking site connecting Haitians with their family & friends while promoting a positive hopeful Haiti. Flex will also be hosting his show “Welcome To Haiti” the podcast on “Radio Wave” both online and on the radiowaves in Haiti. As a builder he hopes to one day be part of the reconstruction team to help build Haiti anew.

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