The Issue

The Issue

Throughout Haiti’s history, it has been hit by many natural disasters. In the past 60 years, Haiti’s weather conditions have been getting worse every year. 

In 2010, Haiti was hit with a massive earthquake that specially decimated urban areas like Port-au-Prince. After the earthquake, millions of people were homeless, millions had lost their jobs, and hundreds of thousands had died. Buildings were destroyed. Debris, trash and unsanitary waste started being piled up on streets. 

When it rains today, sewage and fecal matter overflows with the other trash into water sources and streams, which creates diseases like cholera and other dysentery issues. 

Haiti was already named the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. With the earthquake, it got worse. Poverty percentage is extreme in Haiti, with over 40% of people unemployed. The people of Haiti have already been battered by natural disasters, and now, ever-growing piles of waste create extreme and unhealthy conditions for millions of people.

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