Makenson Mathias was born on September 26, 1982 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I began attending school in Port-au- prince, but migrated to the United States around 9 yrs old. My family and I moved to NY, where i completed elementary school. In 1994, we again moved to Florida. In Fl, I completed middle and high school. I entered the U.S. military immediately after high school. I served as an armor crewman  as armored infantry. I also attained my associates of science degree during my military service. I served 4 years active, and 4 years ready reserve. During my inactive reserve term, I completed a certificate in automotive repair. Soon after, I went on to attain my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. I currently work with special needs clients in the applied behavioral analysis field as a behavioral therapist. I have a profound passion for children, in all aspects. I am greatly invested with youth ministry at my congregation and have served the youth faithfully for decades. I have one 6 yr old son. My goal is to empower everyone that is placed on my path in a positive, and prosperous manner. I wish to positively impact the lives of others in an effort to help everyone maximize their individual potential.

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