Pierre M. Norame was born and raised in Haiti. His Father brought him to America when He was 19 years old. Pierre is the 5th of 8 siblings. Pierre is a proud Father of one child.Pierre loves his country so much! He always talks about changing Haiti to be a better environment for the people who live there. Pierre cares so much about Haiti; hoping that he can make the change that Haiti needs with the help of the Lord Christ Jesus. Pierre came to America not only to be a successful person,but to learn and to see what can he do to bring a better life to Haiti. Pierre’s mentality is like the heroes back then who fought hard for the country. They fought passionately for Haiti’s freedom. That’s why the Lord Christ gave him the name, “I Clean Haiti” project. 
Pierre is very smart at pretty much anything that he decides to do. He loves helping others, sharing pretty much all he has with people. Pierre never made it to high school here in America. However, that did not stop him from learning and advancing. He taught himself English,and went to college for business administration. Following his passion for cooking, he decided to pursue culinary arts to become a chef. Later, he opened a tax business, and has been in business since 2013. 
Pierre not only loves His Country, but also loves The Lord. He is committed to sharing the Word and the many wonderful experiences he has had in his Christian Faith. 

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