Wilbert Saint-Aime is a proud father with His beautiful wife and 4 children whom He adore dearly, He was born and raised in Haiti until the age of 12, He is third of seven siblings middle child, came to the United States in 91 started school in the 7th grade here and graduated high school went to college but didn’t finish instead started a cabinetry business  until 2010, he became a real estate agent, there  He ventured into selling/investing in real estate. He always loved doing home renovations, which He still does to this day. He likes to be creative and artistic when He is tackling a project. He is still investing in furthering his career, currently in his second year of apprenticeship for Becoming an Electrician. Wilbert’s greatest joy in this world is his relationship with Christ, Christ has definitely shared his peace and love with him providing all He ever needed. He’s aesthetic about this grand opportunity to change, revive and restore his place of birth through I Clean Haiti, it’s a privilege from above…

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