She had Created many companies in the past 7 years. C.E.O of Women With Visions ; C.E.O of Lifestyle Maker; C.E.O of Team Impact. She also had a Lifestyle Maker Care that give children help in Haiti and in Côtes D’ivoire. She was a sapphire in Organo. She had built a global distributions platform of over 100 individuals and is responsible for $40,000 sales in less than 2 years. She had developed an organization of retired young people in 3 countries.She’s a former Shift Manager in Nova Restaurant for 4 years. She’s a former Assistant Manager in Villa Maria Nursing Center. She is an accomplished master trainer and speaker.
Born in Saint Louis Du Nord( West part of Haiti). She went to College Pierre Rigway in Haiti (CPR). She came to the US 🇺🇸in April 2009. She had graduating from North Miami Senior High School with Her CPR and EKG or ECG licenses. She had received many honors rolls in school. She went to Miami Dade College. She had received her Florida Regional Management diploma. She had helped many couples all around the world with her advice and online courses.
She had married to Jeff K Debreus. They had a lovely boy name Elijah Debreus.

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