Shownda J. Pagan is the founder of Empowered Women Summit and Pagan Global Group. She is an Organizational Leader who has worked in the corporate, nonprofit and church industry. Shownda started her work of helping people succeed out of the struggles she herself endured in reaching her   ladder of success. It took years of research, mentoring and patience to   become the woman she is today. Shownda is passionate about helping others succeed and not endure the same resistance and barriers she faced.
Shownda has successfully lead community socio-economic programs, out-of-school programs, days of service   initiatives and written and awarded grant funding from The Children’s Trust, 21st Century, Department of Education, Department of Health,   Allegany Ministries and many others. She has also had the great opportunity and pleasure to host some of   the world’s elite such as Taye Diggs, Bill Clinton and DJ Khaled through   organized events.
She believes that the most   successful and best companies are built on collaboration with like minded companies who know what they need to take their business to the next level.

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